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A romantic seaside destination in Liguria


Portovenere, enjoy the most romantic side of Liguria, explore an unmissable location between La Spezia and the Cinque Terre.
This small city set among the cliffs of Liguria is a place of timeless charm. Every corner hides details of fascinating beauty, postcard views to see and photograph, streets full of cobblestones to walk with the characteristic salty smell of the small port in the background.
The ancient medieval village of Portovenere unveils its charming nature along narrow and winding streets, where you can enjoy several delightful local craft shops. You will be amazed in front of the pastel-colored houses that are reflected in the crystalline sea and the majestic rocks of the cliff overlooking the bay.

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In the small port, ancient fishing boats sway to the rhythm of the waves, a turquoise and clear sea that encloses the wildest essence of Liguria, barely tamed by the work of man
over the centuries, clearly visible however in the “palazzo a mare” , or rather the actual dramatic skyline of Portovenere, which is reflected in the water.
Here you can breathe an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, a perfect symphony where the smells of typical dishes rise to the sky from the many waterfront venues, creating an amazing sensory experience. The intimate place par excellence, where you can have an al fresco dinner together with your partner in front of a captivating sunset.

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Among the historic buildings and palaces present, it is worth visiting the Church of San Pietro, ancient and imposing, which dominates the maritime landscape with its fortress- like structure, and the Doria castle, from which you can let your gaze fly over the horizon as far as the sea meets the sky. Also very interesting is the Church of San Lorenzo, built in 1130, a Romanesque church that houses numerous relevant works.
Another small attraction is the Byron Cave, named in honor of the famous writer, who decided to dive into the sea here to swim to Lerici.
In Portovenere you can breathe the magic and beauty of Liguria in its most authentic form, enjoy a pleasant town visited every year by thousands of tourists who manage not to lose its distinctive magic.