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Discovering the most evocating beach of Seatri Levante, the Bay of Silence, and other delightful beaches.

Sestri Levante beach

Famous for its natural beauty, in Sestri Levante there are some of the most beautiful and characteristic beaches of Liguria and Italy. The two most famous are the “Baia delle favole” (Fairy Tale Bay) and the “Bay of Silence”, two perfect locations for families and children, thanks to their fine sandy beaches.

Baia delle Favole takes its name from the writer of fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen who stayed here in 1833 and is made up of a beach about a mile long, mainly made of light sand which becomes more gravel going west. Bathing establishments and stretches of free beach alternate in front of the pristine water of Liguria.

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The Bay of Silence, on the other hand, as defined by the poet Descalzo in 1919 thanks to the breathtaking quiet you can experience here. It is a smaller maritime stretch used almost entirely as a free beach. Quiet and peaceful, it is the right place to spend relaxing moments, between crystalline water and the typical houses in pastel colors behind you. This crescent of soft white sand has become a Unesco Heritage thanks to the characteristic and unique views it offers. You will admire a romantic sunset with scarlet rays lapping the golden sand and the urban trompe l’oeil as a frame.

Whether swimming near the coast or further out, the sea offers numerous opportunities for snorkeling, you can join one of the many diving clubs, which also accompany tourists on fascinating dives, such as the one aimed at exploring the wreck of the Bettolina, a motor ship belonging to the German First Flotilla and shot down by the British navy during the Second World War.

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Other top locations around Sestri Levante are the beaches of Riva Trigoso and Renà, the first located beyond the promontory of Punta Manara, the second immediately before Moneglia.

These enchanting beaches are colorful and charming even at night, thanks to the intimate, fascinating clubs and bathing establishments. Stroll in the evening in a glamorous atmosphere and build unforgettable memories, welcome to Sestri Levante.