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Between land and sea, a spiritual and natural place, San Fruttuoso

Hotel in San Fruttuoso

Waking up in the morning, lulled by the magical atmosphere of the Baia del Silenzio, means being able to choose a new and interesting destination every day.
Hotel Vis in Vis is a hotel near San Fruttuoso, Portofino, Cinque Terre and Genoa, a unique location to enjoy a relaxing stay and at the same time discover the enchanting natural contexts of Liguria. Discover a treasure chest reserved for explorers in search of thrills.

You can choose to reach San Fruttuoso by land, covering the Natural Park of Portofino in about an hour, crossing the hinterland and suddenly finding yourself, after landmarks alternately wooded or cultivated, contemplating the sea. The best way to get to the Benedictine Monastery is by boat, directly from the port of Sestri Levante. The choice is yours: shady and enchanting paths or a navigating along a cliff, to suddenly find yourself admiring a dream vision?

Vis a Vis hotel

San Fruttuoso is a monastic complex built in the year one thousand and protected by a sixteenth century tower. Once you arrive in front of this architecture perfectly inserted in the natural context, you will be amazed and dazzled by inexplicable majestic simplicity.

In the sea waters of the bay, not far from the buildings, is the fascinating bronze statue of the Submerged Christ, positioned in 1954 at a depth of over fifteen meters. If you want to experience an adventurous excursion in San Fruttuoso you will find numerous diving centres that offer the possibility of tailor-made and safe diving to admire the statue up close.

Vis a Vis hotel

To be included in the bucket list is the evocative ceremony that is celebrated every year in San Fruttuoso at the end of July, a nocturnal procession in the light of candles that ends with a mass on the shoreline.

A visit to San Fruttuoso also means grasping the intimate and spiritual side of this ancient place of faith known all over the world and opening your eyes once again to wonder.

Book a suite or a room just a few minutes from the magic of San Fruttuoso now- choose Hotel Vis a Vis and you will live a regenerating experience!