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You can arrive at the Cinque Terre, Portofino, and the Aquarium of Genoa in less than an hour

Hotel near Genoa

If you are looking for a hotel near Genoa to help you enjoy the ancient beauty of the maritime republic before your eyes, its caruggi pervaded by the scents of the ovens, and its magnificent aquarium, we will also give you other reasons to book your stay now. The Aquarium of Genoa is one of the largest in Europe, a perfect attraction for families that will leave children speechless. Among dolphins, killer whales, penguins, seals, and manatees, it will be a truly exciting dive into the marine flora of the world!

Hotel Vis in Vis enjoys a strategic and central position, halfway between the Cinque Terre and Portofino and just 50 minutes’ drive from Genoa. Your suite or room will overlook the Baia del Silenzio , a hotel close to Genoa and all the most fascinating places on the Ligurian Riviera.

Vis a Vis hotel

Visiting the city, you will find intact all the charm of a former Maritime Republic, the most powerful along with Venice, you will be greeted by a tangle of typical alleys, in which the sun filters with difficulty, and wide sunny spaces near the coast. A spell crystallised over time, enhanced by its unique and characteristic flavours.

The large Aquarium is the flagship of the sixteenth century Porto Antico , today a lively and avant-garde waterfront. The Genoa aquarium is the second largest in Europe, surpassed only by that of Valencia, and contains various and evocative themed itineraries in which you can explore its numerous tanks that host a huge variety of marine, rainwater, or freshwater species, set in perfectly reconstructed naturalistic contexts.

Vis a Vis hotel

27,000 square meters, 70 tanks and over 12,000 animals of 600 different species, ensuring an architectural itinerary designed by Renzo Piano , who also planned the lines of the external area. His style was able to enhance a feature of “ Zena ”, as the citizens call it- that is, the continuous dialogue between ancient and modern through the centuries.

We will help you plan an excursion suitable for the whole family, booking your tickets, if you request it, and updating you regarding any offers. Far from the chaos, but close to the most enchanting places in Liguria, such as Genoa, Hotel Vis a Vis will help you plan and experience an exclusive tailor-made holiday!